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_ Siteswap Anagrams

This video delves into families of siteswaps sharing the same throws. For each set of numbers every possible juggling pattern is juggled for 4 rounds.

Filming was done in front of Hanger One at NASA Ames. The music is an edited version of Welcome to Lunar Industries (Three Year Stretch) from the Moon OST by Clint Mansell.
California - 2009 United States
  2009-07-30 05:22 5138

5_ they said...

Mr.Thithos _ 119 months
“Great movie, great Idea, great song! Well made video! Congrats!”
juggleholic _ 134 months
“I really liked the idea, but I don't understand siteswap!
does anyone know any websites or videos (or books) that could teach me?”
jmjuggles _ 134 months
“insane i can do some of them but most of the i didt enven know you could do”
edward _ 134 months
“Thanks for showing 13579! I've got to work so hard to run these siteswaps like you did :)”
Arron _ 134 months
“Love the titles, very nice!”

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