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Jtv says_ Our heads hurt. We thought we understood siteswap. As long as no-one starts using imaginary numbers, we think we can cope.

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_ Negative Siteswaps 1

First in what I plan to be a series of videos about negative siteswaps. I believe this is the first time anyone has juggled them.

The balls used are Ultimate Globalls - http://www.globall.com

The music is Metamorphosis Three by Philip Glass.
Perth - 2009 Australia
  2009-01-21 04:57 6348

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juggler _ 176 months
“wow, that's really nice man. Just started thinking about the possibilities and the right way to transform these negative numbers to positive number of 2 different colors. If you get that idea you might use more then 2 colors...please let me know if you have a new video or write anything about this. It's great!”
Robin _ 176 months
“That hurt my brain...”

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