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Great juggling videos seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment! Contemporary club juggling just seems to be growing and growing but don't worry tech heads, there's plenty in this video to keep you watching!

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The film is a video experiment by me, emiL dahL and Edvin Martinsson, showing one of my stage routines.
Visit my webpage at: www.emildahl.com
2010 Sweden
  2010-11-20 05:38 6112

12_ they said...

ramusafelipe _ 97 months
“Your juggling style is unique !!!”
sebastian _ 97 months
“asi, dan ganas de malabarear! comme ça, ça donne l'envie de jonglé!
Merci! Gracias!”
kaj _ 97 months
“That's some tight shit, man!”
multimanosproduccio _ 97 months
donvantheman _ 97 months
“so amazing, it was definitely an original piece of art, its so refreshing to see a piece of work like this, you are definitely going to be known for this video for a long time.”
JugglingJoe _ 97 months
“4 stars!”
Simalacrum _ 98 months
“Great soundtrack dude ;P
Seriously though, the style, feel, and technique is absolutely fantastic... adding music to it would have been unnecessary I think, and it gives the video a really unique 'look'(?) to it. Bravo all round, I love it when I see creativity!”
jugglerwim _ 98 months
“Amazing dude , nice quality video too , love it”
Grohy _ 98 months
“that's perfect...
really nice”
Elias531 _ 98 months
“super cool!
great ideas and great technique, but you should work on your posture while juggling and dancing, then it would be perfect!”
denfulacykeln _ 98 months
“Thanks! Now it´s working.”
Arron _ 98 months
“Great video/juggling. I really liked the use of the audio and the whole feel of the video was really clean and enjoyable. I couldn't get your site to work though, is the link correct?”

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