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Basketball Helmet


Basketball Helmet adapts to his environment using Juggling.






Flaming Fun Digital Glow Show - Illumine


V / Light / Glow shows are spectacularly colourful and hypnotically beautiful. For best effects, this is usually performed in a dark environment. ILLUMINE is a 7 minute high impact Glow Show which has been a huge success all over the world. Two artists, a fully choreographed show, with fantastic acro-balance inspired stunts and packed with hypnotic visuals to an exciting contemporary sound track. This time with new Digital LED technology that allows them to program full colour (16 million colour to be exact) images, letters, words and logos. This allows your client to include their name, company name or logo into the finale section of the show. Illumine is also available as a 10 minute, three and four artist show for larger scaled events which include LED Hula-Hooping and juggling routines. Illumine uses versatile, eye catching LED light costumes that have already proven to be a winner from corporate events, private parties to product launches. The first in the world to use Digital Pixel Staff Technology






More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo Volume 2 - Instant Prop Stand


buy the full video from http://www.wespeden.com Price: $10 Length: 22:47 File Size: 516MB/nManipulation Research Laboratory presents: More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo Volume 2- Instant Prop Stand How many times has this ever happened to you? #1. You forget to bring your prop stand and leave it at home! #2. The airline loses your luggage... again! Well look no further, because this video will show you how to execute a professional performance every time, EVEN WITHOUT A PROP STAND! Techniques included on the video demonstrate how to impress a client and nail that gig if your prop stand goes missing. These handy tricks will justify having your props lying on the floor all over the stage. No longer will you have to worry about looking unprofessional as you bend over each time to pick stuff up for your next routine. Transform any stage into a fun working environment with over 20 minutes of sure-fire gold, only available on this download offer today!/nPerformed by: Wesley Jefferson Peden & Jay Nathan Gilligan






Poi Art, World Environment Day, 5 June 2010 (COCA & DOGA)


5 Haziran 2010, santralistanbul, Çocuk Çalışmaları Birimi (ÇOÇA) & Doğa Derneği






Some boring progress


Thanks for your interest. I just wanted to make a last video before moving on to the next neighborhood^^ keep juggling! tricklist: b97522 4up 67561 & 5up 360 645 5up 360 8x6* 4club 5551 bxx b97531 qualify 97531 (16 fucking rounds dude :) :) :)) d44444444 b975300 5up 360 (a 5up 360 under a 97531) 5 clubs 1 high 4 low 5up 2 stage 720 (d6666007722) db97531 to collect freak out footage ;)






Trailer -


Marina and Brunitus presents: "Inercia Térmica" (power circus theater street show) We are two circus performers that, as a gear mechanism, transmit power to each other. We generate power with the juggling, acrobatics, dance, trapeze and diabolos. We seek "human" warmth in the public, raise it up to its maximum exponent and then release it to the environment... That is "thermal inertia"






Wis en su tinta


Film made for a contest. Rules: - 40 seconds maximum - a red "sphere" should appear Malabares en su tinta is the best blog, http://www.malabaresensutinta.com/, about circus in Spanish, at least I like it a lot. Consequently more than 1000 times a mouse has clicked the always longed for 'like' button on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/malabaresensutinta. This is my contribution to the contest organized to celebrate it. The sexy camerawoman was: Agata Bednarz :* The amazing music is Earl by BadBadNotGood Recorded with a Oneplus One at 720p, forgot to change it :( The crime scene is: An old abandoned police building chosen this year to hold the periodic art exposition Survival. Survival happens once per year in Wrocław, a weekend. An old building or environment is filled with strange art, free entrance, the chance to see an abandoned closed place, drinking beer all around the place, juggling all around the place, and there are even DJs... Survival: http://www.survival.art.pl/






Yo-Yo Bearing Maintenance


www.arronsparks.com www.yoyojam.info A short guide to how to clean and look after your Stainless Steel ball bearing from a Yo-Yo. You will need: Ball bearing Yo-Yo Lighter fluid YoYoJam Lube (thin or thick) Tweezers Glass Jar Pliers/bearing removal tool Cloth/Tissue Ceramic bearings should not be cleaned in the way described in the video. Yo-Yo used in this video: Axiom & Sunset Trajectory NXG. Please note that steps in this guide can be dangerous and that following instructions from this video are taken at your own risk. Children should enrol the help of a responsible adult. Lighter fluid is highly flammable, gives off dangerous fumes and should be disposed of carefully as it is bad for the environment. If not followed correctly this tutorial can result in breaking the bearing or Yo-Yo.






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