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Trick or Treat? Here's a special Halloween treat for all you ghoulish jugglers, courtesy of our all-powerful friend Taylor. Careful with those dreams now......

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_ Disturbia

Halloween is my favorite holiday! What better way to celebrate than going around juggling dressed as a zombie? Exactly.
Juggler: Taylor Glenn
Song: Disturbia by Rihanna
Special thanks to:
Nikki Buzianis
Air Traffic: http://www.airtrafficonline.com
Brontosaurus Balls: http://www.brontosaurusballs.com
Modern Display: http://www.moderndisplay.com
Nightmare on 13th: http://www.nightmareon13th.com
Happy Halloween!!!
  2010-10-31 05:04 5982

11_ they said...

oli.martin _ 146 months
“nice twist at the end”
TheOmnipotentJuggler _ 160 months
“3XAB, the clubs are Henry's Pirouettes from Air Traffic and the balls are russian style balls from Brontosaurus Balls.”
3XAB _ 161 months
“what kind of clubs and balls are those?”
Lara _ 161 months
“Thats fucking cool ;)”
RoyJoy _ 161 months
“If you do this next year, I have some Halloween music.
mefisto _ 162 months
“really nice juggling video....kepp it up!”
Rapido _ 163 months
“xD Thats sooo funny made
Nice that they leave you back on Earth. ^^
I love the colors”
jugglingjunkie _ 163 months
“love your juggling! congrats on the vids! keep up the good work! and enjoy! **”
javg2386 _ 163 months
“uuuuu cool”
TheOmnipotentJuggler _ 163 months
“Hahaha! Well said Simalacrum! There needs to be better Halloween songs! :)”
Simalacrum _ 163 months
“Oh this isn't so scary, why is this-
*Rihanna music comes on*
...I want my mummy now O.O
Neat juggling/setting by the way XD”

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