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We're suckers for a story-line. Will the poor juggler seeking practice space get caught by the security guard?

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_ Caught in the Dark - Juggling

Being a security guard ain't easy, especially when a juggler wants to use the building you are guarding... crazy things ensue...
This video took me a ridiculously long time to finish, I hope ya enjoy.
Special thanks to Jim for helping me film and being the security guard!
Salt Lake City, UT - 2011 United States
  2011-08-24 05:04 6480

3_ they said...

Catolster _ 151 months
“Fracking awesome video, and mad props for Massive Attack! I always listen to Massive while I'm juggling.”
Rabit _ 151 months
“Great video. loved it”
RoyJoy _ 151 months
“Good gosh girlfriend, They keep getting better. You've out done yourself again.
See you Sunday.

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