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I came up with this theme after I realized that me and my audience like 2 different types of things, most of the time anyway (of course there are exceptions). I like small number, smooth and flowy stuff, not necessarily easy, but stuff I can do with 95% confidence. My audience, from what I gathered in public practices and youtube comments, they like the stuff I can sometimes do on a good day. Originally this was going to be a my favorites and best videos. But really, my favorites are what I like, the best is what you like./nSo I hope you like my videos! Make sure to watch part 2 after!






Delirus | Unique Juggling&Dancing Performance by Henrik Veres


I’m a 4th generation circus arts performer.I started juggling at age 12, my very first performance was in 2007,at age 14. Improvements in the past few years: I always consider my main goal to show something new, unique and special to the audience when I perform my act. I always try to improve, to get better in what I do. In the past few years, I improved my contemporary dancing skills, and learned a new style dance: dubstep. I also learned how to get better with the 7 balls, I learned to juggle 9 and 10 balls, and my main goal now is to be able to juggle with 11 balls as well. Festivals attended: - 1st Hungarian Circusfestival (2012 January-February), Hungarian State Circus. - Les Feux De La Rampe Circus Festival (2012 october 10-15) - Muscat Festival, (Oman, 2013 december) -„Golden Trick of Kobzov”, Circus Kobzov (2014 June 26-29) Awards won: -The “Best Ground Act Award in England” (2009) -Silver Award at Feux De la Rampe Festival in France (2012) -Special price at the 1st Hungarian Circusfestival (2012)






My Props After 40 Months (New Prop!!)


Finally got a new prop, and I got it exactly 1 week before filming, and that week was E3 week. All the gamers out there can figure out how much practice I had that week...but yea, I upgraded to new sticks, string, and length 2 days before filming, so it took a while for me to get used to it, even now it feels weird./nBut yea, the 2nd song was a light fun hearted song (for most of it), so that's why I wasn't too serious about editing, it just seemed to fit well having extended clips. I like it.






PJuggle Malabarista Internacional






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