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Ambled 3V - Unicorn Charge!


The Ambled 3V, a.k.a., Unicorn Charge! Performed by Keith Campbell, Ingrid Johnson, Will Murray, Britt Tyler, and Staffan Ulfberg in July 2017./nThe Scrambled 3V is a combination of Aidan Burns's Scrambled 3 and Scrambled V patterns to make a five-person, two-manipulator pattern. In the Ambled version, we add an extra club (12 in total) and make all the passes doubles so it takes place on a 10-club doubles feed. /nIn the Ambled 3, the manipulator (M) substitutes a pass from the right feedee (C) to the feeder (A). But *before* delivering that club to A, M must steal another club from A. (This is the same set of steals as in the Scrambled 3, but in the Scrambled 3 you don't have the time travel problem.) So M must actually juggle for one beat! /nWhen we filmed this, Ingrid and Britt were wearing matching unicorn t-shirts, so when they charged together they made unicorn horns. This is how the pattern shall forever henceforth be performed.






Donald Grant - T Wrecks!


What to do on a windy day with a box of old juggling t-shirts? Shoot another kendama edit, of course …..:) This is the ninth film in the series. We've been doing these since March 2013...since when we seem to have racked up over 20,000 views... Like this one? Then try these... (in reverse order): “Spiking the Lawn”- http://www.juggling.tv/15456 “Catch of the Day”- http://www.juggling.tv/15074 "Dreel or no Dreel"- http:/www.juggling.tv/14762 "Ain't Misbe-Haven"- http://www.juggling.tv/14333 "Cheese on Coast”- http://www.juggling.tv/14060 "The Grate Escape"- http://www.juggling.tv/13459 "BraveHearth"- http://www.juggling.tv/13144 "Long Overdue"- http://www.juggling.tv/12964 Music this time by Lewis Hamilton. Tunes are (in order): “Journey Home” “Head in the Sand” “Cheap Cigars” All from the “Ghost Train” album (which Pete played on...) If you like them, you can discover more at www.LewisHamiltonMusic.com






orto juggling video


Orto juggling clubs!!!!- Gravity t-shirts Designs - SRS Entertainment 2009 -






orto juggling video # 2


Orto juggling clubs!!!!- Gravity t-shirts Designs - SRS Entertainment 2009 -






zig zag: Aidan Burns' Scrambled V Variation (cC sC iB)


The feeder is "A", the juggler to the feeder's left is "B" and the juggler to the feeder's right is "C". The feeder counts "1 2 3" to make it easier to keep track of where we are in the pattern. On beats 1 and 3, A (the feeder) and B exchange a pass. On beat 2, A and C exchange a pass. On 3, juggler B catches the pass and walks on four count (rotating the positions anti-clockwise). 1. "cC": The manipulator carries a club to C. 2. "sC": The manipulator substitutes a pass from A to C. 3. "iB": The manipulator (M) intercepts a the pass from A to B. The juggler who was B is the new manipulator, and reads from the manipulator line. All the jugglers are relabeled and the new feeder starts counting the 3 passes. It´s easier for the manipulator tells AND 1 2 3 as the cC actually happens before count 1. We find it much easier to start the pattern on count 2 and miss the cC in the first round. Wolfgang (blue t-shirts) moves different on iB. Just choose your favorite style.






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