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Degarasi means "weak tea"
I made a connected ring manipulation video:"The ghost of Romantic Transceiver"

It's not a trailer,but degarasi of "The ghost of Romantic Transceiver"

Please watch "The Ghost of Romantic Transceiver"
: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvKDZEJkF4U
Tokyo Japan
  2010-10-15 01:11 3577

6_ they said...

congasious _ 122 months
“a pleasure to the eye! great work Kotaro!”
ipaxxx _ 127 months
“Ooooh, meeeen...”
HEC_Productions _ 144 months
“Thank you for uploading it again. One of the best rings manipulation video I've ever seen. You've got so much style.”
PePPy _ 146 months
“i absolutely loved the video, beautiful patterns!! "The ghost of Romantic Transceiver" was even better :) any chance of releasing the full vid here on JTV?”
Kotaro _ 149 months
“I reiploaded for music. Please excuse me.
Many Thanks!!”
looby _ 149 months
“I commented in the first one before it was removed but just to say I normally hate ring manipulation but that is some beautiful work, some of those figures are incredible!”

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