_ Something new and contact juggling after 11 months

Well this is a long video, mostly because of the intro though. i don't want to spoil anything in the description...but I have to in the tricks list, so get to at least like a minute in before reading this.

Like I said, I'm 2 days late, but that's because I was hanging out with the .org people on the 10th, and didn't get home until 4:00 on the 11th, and I had work at 5. Then the next day I wasn't home at all. So yea, I'm late, but I didn't use those late days to get more practice in.

When i get into the ball juggling, I've only been doing that for a little less then a week, so hopefully by next month I can make it consistent. Now for the spoilers:

3 Clubs: Invincible by Adelita's Way

3:15 - First double throw
4:18 - Constant under arm throws with the same club
4:23 - Chops
4:36 - Multiplex start
4:41 - Reverse chops
4:50 - Reverse cascade
4:56 - Double starting throw
5:06 - Double cascade
5:26 - Mill's mess
5:33 - Flat spin start
5:37 - Green club thrown with an opposite spin
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