_ Contact/Toss Juggling 23 Months and Hoop Isos 3 Months

First I have to say a huge thank you for Sir_Riel for an amazing job shooting and editing this video, I love it, and you should all check him out here
This video was mostly shot at Turbofest in Canada, some other parts are just shot in my room.
I have nothing else to add to that, Sir_Riel did an amazing job, go watch his videos!
  2011-04-07 05:35 3316

2_ they said...

markconigliaro _ 157 months
“That is a 120mm acrylic, very heavy, very dangerous, very beautiful, only use it if you are an experienced CJer.”
Faboy_cjer _ 157 months
“What is the size of your ball ? .. Greetings from chile”

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