_ Contact Juggling after 17 months

I can explain myself with this one. I did the toss juggling shots first since I had different locations and the wind wouldn't let me juggle for too long at a time. And the contact part was supposed to be like 2 straight runs. So after the juggling part was done, my battery was almost dead. So I quickly made the 2 runs (about 3 minutes each) and also shot some experimental tricks. I figured that would take all 4 minutes of my song....nope...after some editing it totaled about 2 minutes and 30 seconds...so I had to stretch it out./nSo this is pretty much an instructional video now. I threw in some names for the hard stuff so you can ask me about those if you have questions./nThe song is Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm. That song is dedicated to the last trick I do in this video, it's my poison.
  2010-07-17 04:32 5007

4_ they said...

iContactJuggle _ 151 months
“so i've recently discovered on my own that move that you call "half suess roll" haha is there another name for this move? I can't find it anywhere”
Ulikkk _ 154 months
“I'm really impressed, keep going, keep on sharing your videos.. :)”
vesperwalk _ 156 months
“Nice one! Looking forward to seeing more!”
simonchen _ 157 months
“thanks for your video.a voice fromTAIWAN.”

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